With the holiday season approaching and the war in Ukraine ongoing, I wanted to remind everyone that I am still making and selling my Ukraine Flower Crown scrunchies. I’ve raised more than $500 and am hoping to double that this holiday season.

I also wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. Last spring, I performed a show twirl at my school talent show. It was dedicated to Ukraine. I twirled my batons along with blue and yellow gymnastics ribbons. Everyone loved it.

In July, I attended AYOP (Baton Twirling Nationals) and won first place in the interview/modeling portion of the Beginner 13-15 pageant. It was such an honor to hear my name and state called. I also finished top 3 in novice 2-baton; 8th in flag; 11th in American Girl Model; 11th in overall pageant, and top 15 in beginner pageant and intermediate X-strut.

This fall, I’ve been field twirling for my high school. I’m looking forward to twirling for my school at NCA Nationals – Spirit Category. Competition season also starts soon. My first contest is in Nebraska. I’ve moved up to intermediate level,  which has been a goal of mine for awhile.  Another great thing I’m doing is teaching basic skills to two novice twirlers.

Bridgette McCollum Twirler for the Fighting Irish

Bridgy McCollum - McGuinness TwirlerThank you for visiting my website and helping with my fundraiser for Ukraine. This is a long-term project as it will take a lifetime for Ukraine to recover from what has happened. There are baton twirlers in Ukraine. My mom and I have been trying to connect with them. If anyone has any contacts please let me know. I would love to collect used costumes and batons and send them to them. Someday, you will twirl again, Ukraine. For this, we all pray.

Love and Prayers,